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What is it with girls and Chanel…or girls and the color pink? We couldn’t say for sure – maybe it’s written in our DNA, or something that’s preset into our system. But seriously, we couldn’t resist anything that comes in a blushing color, or something quilted with a CC or ‘Boy’ clasp.

Enter, the Chanel goodies that all come in a beautiful pink shade! You know, you’re not seeing double – these pieces all bear the iconic ‘Boy’ clasp, which are one of the most coveted in fashion. Especially if you’ve done your homework, you would know that the ‘Boy’ line of bags and accessories undergo stages of reinvention every season (although, it is notable that there are mainstays in every boutique). The pieces above are a work of art, and are quilted to perfection. Do you like what you’re seeing? We know you badly want one, too!

As we can see, there are different styles above – a flap bag, a clutch, a zipped pouch and some wallets. Of course, there is no such thing as ‘pink overload’, so there’s no problem in wanting to own all of these leather babies!


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